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We take lots of different photos...

Fitness photography

The most amount of photos are being taken in the gym. We love to translate our own passion in fitness into our photos of our clients.

Urban Photography

If you see us strolling around a city, we are most likely taking photos of every little detail a city has to offer. Visiting a city has never been the same ever since we started with street photography.

Car Photography

Cars are also a huge passion for us, and we want to show this in our photos. We feel that there is a big potential for the showcasement of cars for sellers and car owners that is not being fulfilled yet. We are Up To change that.


Joris Timmer

Hello! My name is Joris. I am a 20 years old Communication and Information Sciences student, who plays baseball and makes photos and videos. Since I was a little kid I was always interested in making photos and videos, so I’m very happy to get creative for Up To now.

For me, it’s the idea of showing reality at its finest and tell stories with my shots. Making the perfect photo and then getting to edit the shot gives me energy to keep on improving. Working with Milan makes the process even more exciting. Now it’s time to make our clients the happiest they can be with our photos!

Photography 100%
Videography 90%
Lightroom 100%
Premiere Pro 85%

Milan van Loo

Hi, I’m Milan! I’m 20 years old and I study communication and information sciences at Utrecht University. Since the summer of 2020 I can call myself a professional photographer, but I have been an amateur shot taker ever since I got a smartphone with a camera that can shoot something that we would then call a picture.

Give me a camera, drop me off in a random city on the face of this globe, and voilà: you just made me the happiest person I can be. Whenever I get to put a smile on a clients face by photographing them or their belongings, my day can’t be ruined by a single thing.

Photography 100%
Videography 80%
Lightroom 100%
Photoshop 90%

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